Biomass is nationally and globally considered to be the greatest potential of renewable energy.


History of the company

Bio CON 1 Ltd. belongs to the Bio CON investment group. ...

Company profile

The investor and operator of the biomass power plant is ...


TARPO s.r.o., Czech republic – Fuel way - preparation of wood chip for gasification ...

URSO Documents

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Source of green energy

The strict laws made by Habsburg monarchy from the 18th century, preventing arbitrary abnormal use of wood ...

Energy from the biomass

Biomass is nationally and globally considered to be the greatest potential ...

Impacts on the environment

Each human activity somehow impacts on the environment. It influences the quality of water, soil, air, makes noise and dust, ...

Energy independence

The Earth’s fossil fuel resources are being reduced and switching on renewable sources ...

Our goal is to grow a good and strong working team, in which workers will do their tasks responsibly and willingly.


Some technical data and parameters

processes yearly around 10 000 t of wooden matter (wood chip) - what represents a weekly consumption of 8-10 trucks of wood. ...

Description of the technology

The project is formed by one technological entity within the technology supply ...


Dear job applicant, we are glad that you have shown interest in the job in our company. You can find all the essential information that you need to decise about your job correctly here on our website. All the offered job positions are located in the plant, which is placed in the industrial area of Hnúšťa, with an immediate term of entry.

If you have the opinion that this job suits you, we will gladly make a job interview with you.

However, if you find this jobs unsuitable for you, we thank you for your interest and wish you much success in seeking another job.


  • Trade name: Bio CON 1 s.r.o.
  • Plant address: Industrial zone Hnúšťa, Hlavná 950, 981 01 Hnúšťa, SR
  • Represented by: Zoran Nikolič – Company manager
  • Tel.: +421 918 906 457
  • Email:
  • Web: